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Renson motorized louver roof structures offer an excellent water tight shade solution for your lanai, outdoor dining, pool cabanas or any area requiring protection.

The systems offer optional side enclosures with Sun, Wind and Insect protection shades,

aluminum and wood shutter options as well as rain sensor and much more.

Imagine it as stand alone or integrated into your new or existing design.

What sets Renson apart is the refined look: the fixation parts have been made invisible and the electrical cables have been hidden away inside the structure. Even the ground fixation can be concealed. Furthermore, there is a variety of lighting options beautifully integrated as well.

These products are built to last in our Hawai'i climate, tested for high winds and salty air, strong and maintenance-friendly.

INCREDIBLY STRONG FIXSCREEN, click here for a dropbox video on the testing.

These are some of our favorite Renson products for the islands:

 <=  Algarve

The Algarve has a sleek look.

Additional shades as an option;

 also has a classic line.

See more images in Gallery.


                                                                    Camargue​  =>


                                                                                                The Camargue features                                                                                                          integrated optional shades

                                                                                               and a wider array of choices.

                                                                                                                                                      See more images in Gallery.

<= Lapure

Minimalistic terrace covering

 with waterproof, windproof

 and sun protection screen roof,

 with an open, panoramic view.

See more images in Gallery

                                                                          Lagune =>

                                                                       Ultimate luxury and wellness on your                                                                           terrace. Live outside in your our stylish

                                                             and comfortable space throughout

                                                         the year.  Have your terrace roof 

                                                                completely open or closed, change it

                                                 with a single push of a button.

                                                                                                               See more images in Gallery

Panovista Max

Corner zipper shade for wide panorama views. Sun protection screen without distracting cables or guiding systems.

See more images in Gallery.

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